RAZZA UMANA is a sociopolitical, cultural and anthropological study. We portray the morphology of the human race in order to observe our peculiarities and our characteristics, to understand the differences. We collect somatic marks, we capture the face of humanity.

Oliviero Toscani


With a picture and an interview you will become a piece of the documented history of Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

Oliviero Toscani and his team of photographers visit cities, villages, squares, setting up photographic studios at each stop.


A project with the aim to discover the variety of human morphology and conditions. 
The photographs and videos become part of a multimedia archive and will be the subject of publications and traveling exhibitions.

Mayors, local administrations, associations and anyone interested in the initiative are welcome to contact Oliviero Toscani Studio by writing to studio@toscani.com with suggestions and proposals on the tour's next destinations.